Where Heaven and Earth Touch – Easter 2023

This is the night when we dance again through the Story of our Salvation. Like Miriam who
danced through the Red Sea and out of slavery into new life. Like Miriam who heard Gabriel’s
astounding announcement and was willing to live a scandal, with her faithful betrothed at her
side. Like Miriam, and Martha of Bethany and Miriam of Magdala, and their band of brothers,
who heard Jesus’ astounding announcement that the Reign of God has come near to them – and
they trusted that Heaven and Earth are not so far apart after all.

This is the night when we dance again in the reality of our Salvation. Not just the Miriams and
Peters and Johns, but all the beloved disciples – Walter and Laura, Dick and Linda and Ellen
and Lucretia and Susan and you. This is the night that we come to the tomb and find that God
is not dead and buried. Our God is a living God. All that is evil and death dealing cannot
defeat the power of Love in which heaven and earth are joined.

This is the night of our world where so many live in fear, and that fear causes us to do so much
harm to each other. All week I have been watching the fearful old guard defending their
privileges in the Tennessee legislature – trying to silence those who speak the awful truth that
our children are in danger. Fear can drive us to set up fences and lynching posts to protect
against demands for equity and calls for change. But God’s love, God’s salvation, God’s
justice, responds with brave allegiance, and bold acts of solidarity in the name of Love. The
power of that Love is stronger than death. The Power of that Great Love enables us to do
justice and love kindness with extravagant courage.

We have brought our myrrh to the tomb, and have been sent away astounded, to sing and dance
and to take courage that there is indeed nothing, not even our own death, that demands our fear.
Fear Not God has said since the beginning of time. We are now ready to believe. The myrrh of
the burial spices we carried has become the oil of blessing, sent in our hands to a fearful and
hurting world. We are ready to go and tell our siblings that heaven and earth are bound
together, and so are we all.

Won’t you dance with me this, night, this week, this life, boldly loving each other and our
neighbors in the name of the Crucified and Living Lord?